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Historically, equities have created more value than any other asset class. For long-term investors and short-term traders, Equity markets offer immense opportunities.

Equity Shares of Companies which are listed on the Stock Exchanges are tradable assets. There are more than 5000 stocks listed on the 2 premier stock exchanges in India, namely NSE and BSE. Among them are actively traded shares of blue chip companies as well as thinly traded shares and penny stocks. Identifying the right stock at the right time is at the same time an art and a science too. An art that challenges one’s skills! And a science that needs continuous learning and dedication!


By paying lesser amount as margin or premium, one can create derivative positions of much higher value and take advantage of the price movements.

We provide derivatives trading in Equity, Commodity and Currency segments. A major objective of derivatives is to provide a hedge against exposure in these assets. In the volatile markets of our times, there is always huge opportunity in the derivatives market for an agile trader. The beauty of derivatives is that by paying a small amount as margin or premium, one can create leveraged positions in the underlying asset like index or stock or commodity or currency. Thus it enhances the return potential of your investment.

Mutual Funds

Mutual Fund means convenience and professional management in your investments. With DBFS, you can invest in Direct Plans of mutual fund schemes.

Mutual Funds give easy access to professionally managed and diversified portfolios. It helps to mitigate risks to a large extent by distributing investment across stocks and other asset classes. Mutual Fund through the Exchange platform has additional advantages like ease of transaction, holding of units in the demat account etc. Unlike most distributors, we offer Direct Plans through our MF platform, which means higher NAV and better returns for investors.

Investment Advisory

For a smooth ride on the investment terrain, you need the support of a professional advisor. Meet your Advisor today.

DBFS Securities Limited is a SEBI registered Investment Advisor. DBFS has a team of qualified and experienced investment advisors, supported by a dedicated research team. The team conducts original research on equity and other investment products, fundamental and technical analysis, identification of value investment opportunities and timely guidance to its customers. DBFS is launching multiple options for its customers to make use of this quality service.

Pension Plans

Retirement planning is an important aspect of financial planning. Invest in National Pension System (NPS) for a happy retired life.

Plan for financial security so that even after retirement, you can still live with pride, without compromising on your living standards. Lifespan has been increasing, but the average span of employment is not rising correspondingly. The result is an increase in the number of post-retirement years without regular income. National Pension System as promoted by the government of India under all citizens and corporate models has a thoughtful blend of growth and security.

Loan Products

Chase your dreams, let money not stand in your way. When it comes to borrowing money, what matters is ease and comfort. We assure both.

DBFS offers various loan products through its NBFC subsidiary. It has a diversified loan portfolio under property loan, loan against securities and gold loan. Each of these products has its uniqueness and customer advantage. DBFS’ attempt is to keep the loan processing time to minimum and to offer loans at most attractive rates. Without any hidden charges or fees.