Non-repatriable Investments

Equities (Non Repatriable)

  • • Purchase of shares and debentures through normal trading account with DBFS
  • • Transactions at par with that of domestic investors
  • • The restrictions and conditions applicable to portfolio investment scheme (PIS) are not applicable in respect of transactions on non-repatriation basis.
  • • Intraday transactions permitted and there is no restriction as to banned list of shares, as in the case of equity investment on repatriation basis.
  • • Tax being deducted at source.
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Equity Derivatives (Non Repatriable)

  • • Derivatives offer hedge against exposure in the underlying assets. Futures & Options provide trading opportunity in the volatile markets.
  • • It helps one to create leveraged positions of much higher value, by paying a small amount as margin or premium.
  • • NRI/PIO/OCI permitted to transact in equity derivatives out of INR funds on non-repatriation basis only.
  • • NRI/PIO/OCI Trades in the Futures and Options segment need to be through a clearing member under a custodial participant (CP) code.
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Mutual Funds (Non Repatriable)

  • • Mutual Funds give easy access to professionally managed and diversified portfolios.
  • • Mutual Fund through the Exchange platform has additional advantages like ease of transaction, holding of units in the demat account etc.
  • • NRI/PIO/OCI are permitted to buy mutual fund units on repatriation or non-repatriation basis.
  • • Under non-repatriable route, the investment is almost at par with that of the domestic investors.
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ETF (Non Repatriable)

  • • ETFs are exchange traded funds.
  • • ETF products in a way replicate the indices on the Exchange, so as to provide returns that closely correspond to the index. ETFs are available on Indian Indices, International Indices, Gold etc.
  • • NRIs/PIOs/OCIs are permitted to buy ETFs on repatriation and non-repatriation basis.
  • • Investments on non repatriation basis can be done through the regular trading account with DBFS.
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PMS (Non Repatriable)

  • • Portfolio Management Services (PMS) is an arrangement under which the Portfolio Manager manages client funds and securities for better returns.
  • • Portfolio Management Services are most suitable for such high net-worth individuals who wish to take advantage of the opportunities in the capital market, but do not have the time or expertise to manage it on their own.
  • • Minimum investment is INR 2.5 million.
  • • NRIs/PIOs/OCIs are permitted to invest in PMS on repatriation and non-repatriation basis.
  • • In case of PMS on non repatriation basis, it is almost at par with PMS for domestic investors.
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NPS - Pension Plans (Repatriable)

  • • National Pension System (NPS) is a voluntary pension plan that is regulated by the Pension Fund Regulatory and Development Authority (PFRDA). NPS has been designed to enable systematic savings during the subscriber's working life.
  • • All Indian citizens including NRIs aged between 18 – 65 yrs are eligible to join NPS – under All Citizen model.
  • • NRIs/PIOs/OCIs are permitted to invest in NPS on repatriation and non-repatriation basis.
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